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Welcome to

Kayleigh Young Glass

Kayleigh Young is a West Midlands based glass maker who specialises in hot sculpting and iridised
surface design. She works out of a small, converted train station in Shenton on the Bosworth
Heritage Railway.
Born in the West Midlands, UK in 1986, she was always creative with an interest in all aspects of
artistic practices both historically and visually. In the final year of her A-levels at age 18 she saw
glass being blown for the first time at Stoke University. From that moment she was hooked.

Ashes Memorials

Many people keep hold of their loved ones’ ashes because they feel that scattering them is so final. Keeping a pinch of ash encased in a glass memorial allows you to stay close to them with the added option of scattering their ashes somewhere reminiscent. We understand that this process may not be the easiest one for you and will do our best to make it as easy as possible. We handle all ashes sent to us with the utmost care and respect, they are stored securely and labelled clearly.

Our memorials encase a small amount of ash inside a glass form using traditional glass working techniques. We work with your own choice of colours which may represent anything from a favourite football team to a preferred flower, an interior colour scheme, or a pet’s fur or collar. We try to match the colours as closely as possible.