Ashes Memorials

Many people keep hold of their loved ones’ ashes because they feel that scattering them is so final. Keeping a pinch of ash encased in a glass memorial allows you to stay close to them with the added option of scattering their ashes somewhere reminiscent. We understand that this process may not be the easiest one for you and will do our best to make it as easy as possible. We handle all ashes sent to us with the utmost care and respect, they are stored securely and labelled clearly.

Our memorials encase a small amount of ash inside a glass form using traditional glass working techniques. We work with your own choice of colours which may represent anything from a favourite football team to a preferred flower, an interior colour scheme, or a pet’s fur or collar. We try to match the colours as closely as possible.

If nothing in our products section appeals to you then please get in contact to discuss what you had in mind. Hopefully we can work together to make something you love.

Please read the FAQ section before emailing, I have tried to cover everything in more detail there.


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Creation Process

Your chosen colours will be selected and arranged in lines. They will then be applied to the first layer of clear molten glass.

The crystals will then be melted in and the surface smoothed in preparation for the ashes.

The ashes are sieved and formed in to lines before being rolled up on to the glass, over the top of the coloured lines.

The ashes are heated which helps fuse them to the glass before they are twisted in to a spiral pattern.

Another layer of clear glass is applied over the top of the ashes encasing them completely.

The piece can now be shaped in to its final form before being cooled very slowly to room temperature.

Pet Ashes

Pet and human ashes have the same structure so the processes used are identical. Each individuals’ ashes will be treated with care and respect whatever their species. We work with a local pet crematorium if you have not yet had your pet cremated and you can find their details here.

Gift Certificates

We offer a gift certificate service which can be posted directly to your person of choice or can be sent to you to pass on personally.
The certificate pack will include our pre-addressed bubble envelope for sending ashes.
Certificate reads “Please use this gift certificate to choose a beautiful glass memorial in remembrance of your loved one. This is my gift to you in the hope that it may bring you some comfort.”
It will also have their name (or be left blank for you to fill out) and a space for you to write your own message of support.

Posting Ashes

You can contact Kayleigh at [email protected] with your address and you will be sent a pre-addressed bubble packet with a sealable bag for the ashes.
If you would like to cut out this step and send your own package that is also fine but please remember to include instructions for what you would like made and your contact details. It is recommended that you send the ashes by recorded delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What amount of ashes do you need?
A. We need roughly one teaspoon of ashes per item to be made.

Q. Can you mix ashes?
A. We can mix two separate individuals ashes if you would like them both in a single memorial.

Q. How do you ensure that my ashes will not be mixed with someone else’s ashes?
A. We make only one memorial at a time and thoroughly clean all surfaces in between each one. All ashes are stored and labelled clearly to prevent any issues.

Q. What will you do with the ashes that are left over?
A. Any remaining ashes will be returned to you with your memorial.

Q. What if the ashes get lost in the post?
A. We strongly recommend that you post the ashes by recorded or special delivery. In the unlikely event that they do go missing that way we can track them back to a point in the postal system and stand a good chance of recovering them.

Q. Can I get my memorial engraved?
A. Yes you can have a small hand-engraved message/name/date usually around the base of your memorial.

Q. What will the ashes look like?
A. Ashes are all individual so we can’t guarantee how they will look exactly but usually they appear as small white or light grey patches and they give off lots of little bubbles. The older the ashes, the fewer bubbles seem to appear when they are cased in glass.

Q. Where can I get my pet cremated?
A. We work with a local Pet Crematorium who’s details can be found here.
If you are not based near us then your local vets will have the information you need or a quick search on google maps will give you the closest one.