Object Graffiti?
Not sure what to call it really, creating public art with 3D things. Such as filling in the gaps in walls with lego or leaving tiny railway figures in the street or hiding things in urban nooks and crannies, or sticking stuff on to something (usually before painting it) to make it look like something else. I guess technically yarn-bombing is also 3D but not very…
            I want to call it graffiti of a sort but something like “fancy littering” keeps popping in to its place. Is it littering if it’s not rubbish? Of course rubbish is a matter of opinion, for example my grandad considers most of what I do and wear and say to be rubbish.
Whilst I’m on this; is moss-graffiti actually graffiti? It’s natural and technically non-permanent so is it illegal? And who actually decides these things within the justice system anyway?  Seriously if you have any of these answers then please do share them with me!

I love this kind of street art, I love the spray-paint variety as well but there is just something awesome about non-standard methods of creating urban art. The internet has yielded no fruit on this particular subject so I may be the only blog post on the subject… Na, not possible. I will have a more in-depth search and post my findings if there are any.