So I’m sat at a garage waiting in the mechanic to fit the two new tyres that I need. I have a nail in one and a bulge in the other.
This may seen like a strange start to an arty-type blog post but bear with me.

I have recently begun the slow transfer of ownership of a glass blowing business and studio. It will happen over the next two years. I now don’t get paid to be there and my main income is from selling my own work through the gallery area. I work there in exchange for studio time and pay towards the gas and cullet.
Just before this arrangement began (when I had paid work for four days a week) I had such a hard time dealing with a colleague at another studio that we refused to work with each other from then on. I had worked with this person for two and a half years and dealt with a lot of unnecessary shit from them.
This meant that I lost two of the paid days a week I had which was going to be my financial stability whilst I started up my business. It couldn’t have happened at a worse time for me.
I’ve had to take a heavy hit to my spending habits, social life, petrol consumption and what I eat and where I shop for it.
Everything has to be saved for and every time I begin to relax a little because I have some money in the bank something comes along and drains my bank balance. Like my car.
I’ve started selling bits on eBay to make a little bit of money but it’s not exactly going to keep my going.

Starting up a glass business and customer base is hard.
Officially a struggling artist right now.